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New Things!

Hello there! We have some new things to share.

1. Check out our new fragrances for candles and wax melts! We now have coconut creme pie, apple-mango-tango, and campfire, and yes, they smell as good as they sound.

2. We hosted our very first Kake Party yesterday in Chico, CA., and we are having another one in Reno, NV on February 22. Basically, we bring our store to you! We can go almost anywhere in driving distance, but YOU can also volunteer to hold a Kake party! Just shoot us an email or a message for more details. And if you can make it to any of our Kake parties, just check out our facebook page for event details!

3. Our store is officially reopened to our normal business hours, and we have also rearranged the shop! It looks pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves.

4. We have always offered 100% natural products, but we now have handy green stickers to make it easy for you to identify which of these products are 100% natural! This means NO artificial colors or fragrances, and yes, all natural ingredients. Check our ingredients lists for which ingredients are organic, too!

As always, we can't thank you enough for your continued support and love!

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