Our Story


Kake was started by two longtime friends, Katelyn and Keely, in April 2016. They had always dreamed of starting a business together, and when both of them became unable to work traditional jobs due to severe autoimmune illnesses, they took the opportunity to start Kake! The name Kake is a combination of their two first names- KAtelyn and KEely, and it also summarizes the desire to make life sweet for others who may be struggling with similar illnesses or other difficulties in life.

Due to a variety of reasons, Keely solely took over Kake and its production in April 2017. She stocks Kake products at multiple brick-and-mortar businesses and continues online and custom sales, based in Portola, CA.


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Keely (Right) & Katelyn (Left)
Keely (Left) and Katelyn (Right) at their very first farmer's market