Handmade Artisan Soap

The Joy of Using Handmade Artisan Soap

It can be easy to ask why you should pay a little more for a bar of homemade soap when you can oftentimes spend less at a large retailer. The short answer is that handmade artisan soap is healthier for your body and actually costs you much less in the long run. The long answer can be found in the points that follow:

Lack of Fillers and Harmful Ingredients

Commercial soaps- which are much more often detergent than soap- are often made with many unnecessary ingredients. These detergents are popular for many reasons. They often have a lower price point than handmade soap, they create beautiful lather and bubbles, and do not leave behind soap residue. While these are nice factors, they come at the cost of using harsh chemical ingredients that may end up drying or harming your skin in the long run.  

Handmade artisan soap, on the other hand, is made without fillers and may contain only minor synthetic ingredients (such as the occasional fragrance or bright colorant). The bubbles created from artisan soap is typically created from a mixture of natural ingredients and how they react to water.

Vitamin Rich Ingredients

Handmade artisan soap is created with different kinds of butter, oils, and additives like coffee or oats - many of which are packed with vitamins and minerals that your skin loves.


Glycerin is a humectant and an emollient, meaning that it attracts water, seals in moisture, and softens skin. Commercial soap companies often remove the glycerin from their soap and put it instead in high-cost lotions, creams, and more. In short, they remove the ingredient that keeps skin moisturized from soap and put it into a separate moisturizer- one you have to spend extra on.

Homemade soap companies, on the other hand, leave the glycerin in the soap. This means that homemade artisan soap cleans, softens, and moisturizes your body in one product while not needing to spend four times the price for separate products.

Low Environmental Impact

Most artisan soap makers use little or no equipment at all, and they usually make them from their own shops or homes. This all adds up to less environmental impact with no large manufacturing process or use of sweatshops. Artisan soap makers often focus on sustainability and utilize environmentally friendly packaging options as well. 

Support Small Businesses

Most- if not all- artisan soap companies are small businesses, so purchasing homemade artisan soap means that you are supporting a small business rather than a large corporation. Funds to small business often go straight back into the business, or provide needed income to small business workers and owners.
If you are looking for a way to improve the health of your skin, support sustainability, and receive unique soaps handcrafted with love, handmade artisan soap is the way to go.